There’s just not enough room in the trunk of your car for all your family’s stuff, and multiple trips are out of the question. You know you need help relocating but you’re not sure who to ask. Don’t sweat the big move; Dine In or Dine Out is here to help. We partner with northAmerican and Allied Van Lines to make your interstate move run smoothly.

As a member, you can receive preferred discounts of 50% or more on interstate (state-to-state) moving, in-transit storage and personal property protection coverage.


Experience a low-cost transition


  • 50% minimum bottom-line discount from interstate tariff (excluding third party and valuation)
  • 45% minimum discount on storage related needs
  • No “peak season” rates (normally 10% higher June through August)
  • northAmerican offers members up to $50,000 of coverage at no cost ($350 savings)

Allied offers a double the coverage amount at no additional cost

Plus North American Van Lines will assist our members in their relocation before, during and after their move.

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